19 Feb - 27 Apr 2016 at Level 8, National Library Building.
More info at Celluloid Void 2 - The Lost Films of Southeast Asia

A Labour of Love: The Housewife
Rajendra Gour

1974, 18min, Singapore
This short film examines the role of the Asian woman within the realm of the home and the family, in particular the role of the housewife. It features the boundless work that a housewife has to accomplish in a day in order to run a smooth household, and to care for her husband and children... more
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31 May 2016
This workshop will explore how filmmakers utilise and reinvent genre in the portrayal of memory and the construction of the past. This workshop is catered for educators who may be new to the analysis of film but who are keen to use film as an aesthetic medium in the classroom. The course is particularly relevant for educators teaching English, Literature, Social Studies, History, National Education, General Paper, and Visual/Media Communication. Through the use of film clips, educators will gain insight as to how to productively use film in their area of curricular and will have the opportunity to develop effectual lesson plans for use in the classroom.

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Mee Pok Man: 20 Years
8, 17, 23 April 2016
The Projector

The Projector and Asian Film Archive are proud to present - Mee Pok Man: 20 Years. Iconic yet familiar, Mee Pok Man is local veteran auteur Eric Khoo’s debut feature film and also one of Singapore’s most acclaimed and recognisable films to date. Through a mix of r estored and rarely-seen material, in-depth dialogues and talks, join us as we explore the stories, history, and legacy behind the film.

[Exhibition] Celluloid Void 2: The Lost Films of South East Asia
19 Feb - 27 April 2016
Level 8, National Library Building

Anchored by the twin themes of Confluence and Conflict, Celluloid Void 2: The Lost Films of Southeast Asia returns to project a selection of significant 20th century lost films from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand through the region's web of upheavals starting from the 1920s.

By charting specific socio-political milestones and reawakening the public’s consciousness through surviving remnants of the films or reconstructed documents, this exhibition acts as a compass to the region’s past by having studied histories and lost films mutually re-inform, reinforce and reimagine each other.

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