19 Feb - 27 Apr 2016 at Level 8, National Library Building.
More info at Celluloid Void 2 - The Lost Films of Southeast Asia

To save, explore and share the art of Asian Cinema
Our Mission
Our mission is to save, explore and share the art of Asian Cinema.

Internationally renowned film archives not only house the gems of the cinematic world, they are also vibrant hubs of activity. Supporting the local film community is an emphasis at the Asian Film Archive. In line with its mission, the Asian Film Archive

  • Preserves film prints, digital masters and related materials in a permanent collection focusing on the culturally important works of independent Asian filmmakers.
  • Promotes appreciation and build cultural value of Asian films through research, education and publication.
  • Provides access to comprehensive Asian film resources in order to provide sources of inspiration for creative processes, teaching, and research. 
  • Nurtures a film community with a passion for Asian cinema and encourage new audiences to fall in love with Asian films through a carefully curated programme of screenings and discussions.
  • Facilitates the marketing and distribution of Asian films, merchandise and collectibles especially for independent filmmakers.
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