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Volunteer Opportunities
Below are some of the current volunteer opportunities that you can consider:

Film Collection and Preservation
Film archival involves sourcing, collection, documentation, database management, cataloguing, preservation and restoration. Volunteers with such expertise and good command of language are appreciated.

Film Education Seminars, Workshops and Talks
Volunteers will be involved in registration, facilitation, logistics and publicity of these outreach educational programmes. Volunteers who want to be more involved may also consider project coordination work. Volunteers with film background can write for an interview to request for a volunteer position as film instructor/speaker of such talks.

Database Management System
Volunteers will be working on building an online database management system of the Asian Film Archive. Volunteers will work with the Archive IT Consultant to develop this programming project. The system shall be supported on Microsoft Access XP or Microsoft SQL Server 2005. 

Film Outreach Project
Volunteers will be involved in the film outreach projects. Job scope will include sourcing for sponsorship from potential partners, liaison work, coordination of the event itself, logistics and publicity and media relations work.

Public relations and media communications
Non profits usually have a hard time communicating accurately what they do to the public, let alone solicit public and donor interest in their work. Volunteers with public relations know-how are develop PR projects to create publicity for the work of the Asian Film Archive.

Office Administration (Secretarial, Accounting, Legal and Liaison)
We require volunteers who can do simple admin work. Volunteers with background from and/or experience in secretarial, accounting, legal and liaison work is much appreciated.

Contact us at info@asianfilmarchive.org or call +65 67773243.
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