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A heritage of Asian Cinema
Archiving SFC Funded Films
The Asian Film Archive, the Singapore Film Commission and the National Library Board (Singapore) came together in 2007 to preserve and provide access to films funded by the Singapore Film Commission.

With this partnership, the Asian Film Archive will now manage the preservation of this collection of films funded by Singapore Film Commission while the National Library Board will provide for a section at the Esplanade Library branch to make these films available to the public for reference viewing. 

Below is a list of FAQs on matters related to the archiving of these films:

  • What films and film-related materials will be preserved?
  • Why should I archive my films?
  • How do I send in my films for archival?
  • When/what sort of materials of my film should I send for archival?
  • What happens if I intend to send my films to film festivals?
  • Will I get help in promoting the films to film festivals? If yes, how so?
  • How will the films be accessible to the public?
  • Will I be consulted if my films are used for any activities?
  • I received SFC funding for my films. Does it mean that all my recent and past SFC funded works will be in the AFA collection?
  • What if my films are not funded by SFC but I would like to archive them?
  • Will my film be accepted for archival once I have submitted the online form?
  • What if I do not own DVD/VCD screeners but only possess the original film print?
  • Will my rights to the film be relinquished when I deposit my works?
  • Will I be charged for preserving my film works with AFA?
  • Will I be paid for my works that are preserved?
  • What is the difference between this collection and a legal deposit with NLB?

If you have questions that are not answered here, you can email our Archivist, Karen Chan.
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