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Accession No2005-D-0062
Collection Title 
TitleA Tree In Tanjung Malim
Year Release2006
DirectorTan Chui Mui
ProducerDeepak Kumaran Menon
Cast ListPete Teo, Foo Fei Ling
Crew CreditsDirector of Photography - Albert Hue Music - Zhang 43, 3/4, L'Etranger Music Copyright - Taiwan Colors Music Art Director - Sylvia Ong Subtitles - Pete Teo, Ho Yuhang Special Assistance - James Lee, Hardesh Singh, Tan Teck Siew, Tan Chue Hing, Tan Leong Lee, Chen Lin Long, Nyu Ka Jin, OneHundredEye, RedCOMM Cameo - Deepak Kumaran Menon With Kind Assistance - Yasmin Ahmad
Production Company 
Production CountryMalaysia
SubtitlesChinese & English
Runtime26 min
SynopsisA woman on the brink of adulthood has a conversation with a world-weary older man during the course of one night.
KeywordsTransport - Motorcycle, Buses; Relationships - Friends; Country - Malaysia; Emotions - Love; Culture - Malay, Chinese; Music - Leon Lai
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