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Accession No2006-D-0184
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TitleA Labour of Love - The Housewife
Year Release1978
DirectorRajendra Gour
ProducerRajendra Gour
Cast ListSanjay, Kamlesh, Bharati, Rajendra Gour
Crew CreditsNarrator - Elizabeth O'Rourke, Guest Artistes - Richard Yap, Lilian Lee, James Ang
Production CompanyN.A.
Production CountrySingapore
Runtime18 mins
SynopsisThis short film examines the role of the Asian woman within the realm of the home and the family, in particular the role of the housewife. It features the boundless work that a housewife has to accomplish in a day in order to run a smooth household, and to care for her husband and children. The film is an early feminist take at the misconception of the non-economic value of the stay-at-home mother and wife, whose contribution to society is often underrated.
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