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Accession No2005-D-0081
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TitleBig Durian
Year Release2003
DirectorAmir Muhammad
ProducerJames Lee
Cast ListAmir Muhammad, Ghafir Akbar, Soh Boon Tat, Bernice Chauly, Anne James, Salleh Ben Joned, Teoh Kah Yong, Jo Kukathas, Erna Mahyuni, Namron, Low Ngai Yuen, Nell Ng, Farish A. Noor, Michael Oo, Nigel Rajaretnam, Rashid Salleh, Zedeck Siew, Sandra Sodhy, Chacko Vadaketh, Shanthini Venugopal, Elizabeth Wong
Crew CreditsExecutive Producer - Rogayah Shahariman, Sylvia Tan; Associate Producer - Lina Tan Narrator - Amir Muhammad Music - Hardesh Singh Cinematography - Woo Ming Jin Film Editing - Terence Raj Production Manager - Grace Looi Sound - May Chan Assistant Camera - Tan Chui Mui Lighting - Ee Chee Wei B & W Still Photography - Azrul Kevin Abdullah Opening Credits and Animation - Deepak Kumaran Menon
Production CompanyDoghouse 73 Pictures
Production CountryMalaysia
LanguageEnglish, Malay, Cantonese
Runtime75 min
SynopsisOn October 18, 1987 a soldier ran amok with an M16 in the area of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. His name was Private Adam. Due to circumstances particular to that time and place, his amok triggered a citywide panic and rumors of racial riots. Why did he do it? Why were Malaysians so jittery at the time? And what happened next? The Big Durian is a combination of dramatic monologues and actual testimonies of 23 Malaysians (some real, some fictional) that explores the event and the mood during that time.
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