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Accession No2006-D-0181
Collection Title 
TitleThe Last Communist
Year Release2006
DirectorAmir Muhammad
ProducerAmir Muhammad
Cast ListZalila Lee
Crew CreditsWriter - Amir Muhammad Cinematographer - Albert Hue Music - Hardesh Singh Lyricist - Jerome Kugan Editor - Azharr Rudin Executive Producer - Lina Tan Associate Producers - Naeim Ghalili and Dhojee Pre-Production Funding - The Jan Vrijman Fund, Amsterdam
Production Company 
Production CountryMalaysia
LanguageEnglish, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Tamil, Mandarin
Runtime90 min
SynopsisLoosely based on the autobiography of Chin Peng, the legendary Malayan communist guerrilla leader, the film tells of the little-known role of the Communist Party of Malaya towards the dissolution of British rule in the country. It features lives of people in present-day Sitiawan, Chin Peng’s birthplace in Perak, Malaysia, and interviews with Malaysian communists currently living in exile in southern Thailand. Filled with songs and dance routines, the film is an unusual pop cultural document of Malaysian history.
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