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Accession No2005-D-0133
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TitleWill Your Heart Beat Faster?
Year Release1980
DirectorMike de Leon
Cast ListChristopher de Leon, Charo Santos-Concio, Jay Ilagan, Sandy Andolong, Johnny Delgado, Boboy Garovillo, Nanette Inventor, Dyords Javier, Leo Martinez, Armida Siguion-Reyna
Crew CreditsWriters - Mike de Leon, Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr., Raquel Villavicencio Music by - Lorrie Ilustre Cinematography - Rody Lacap Film Editing by - Ike Jarlego Jr., Production Design - Raquel Villacivencio Art Direction - Noli Gamboa Sound Department - Ramon Reyes Choreographer - Lea Locsin
Production CompanyD'Wonder Films, LVN Pictures
Production CountryThe Philippines
Runtime104 min
SynopsisThis statirical comedy-musical focuses on two pairs of lovers who get caught in the crossfire between dope-trading Japanese and Chinese agents. The perky cast includes Christopher de Leon,Charo Santos, Jay Ilagan and Sandy Andolong, as the lovers being hounded by the Japanese traders in order to recover an opium ingenuously hidden in a cassette tape that landed in the pocket of the De Leon. Running for their lives, the lovers reach Baguio and enter a church for refuge, only to find out that it is the Japanese dope traders’ headquarters, where fake nuns and priests are used for the distribution of opium.
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