19 Feb - 27 Apr 2016 at Level 8, National Library Building.
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Nurturing a new generation
Assembly Talk: An Introduction to Singapore Cinema

This is an introductory session on Singapore Cinema, including its origins, post-war development, decline in the 70s and revival in the last 20 years. Through screening of short clips of Singapore films, students will study the national identity through the development of cinema in Singapore.
  • What are the artistic and cultural achievements of key Singapore filmmakers?
  • Relating these to our present day, what is the relevance of national cinema in an increasingly cosmopolitan and globalised society?
  • What is the value of heritage and why should we preserve these social memories on film?

  • To introduce Singapore Cinema: its history, development and revival.
  • To study the national identity through film.- To learn about our cinematic achievements.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of heritage preservation of a social memories.

Learning Points for students:
  • Develop awareness of national cinema.
  • Develop appreciation of its cultural achievements.

By the end of the workshop students would have:
  • gained a deeper insight into the history, development and revival of Singapore Cinema.
  • learn about the key Singapore filmmakers and films.
  • reflect on the importance of film heritage preservation.

Target students:
Upper Primary, all Secondary levels, all JC levels, ITEs and Polytechnics.

Venue Requirements:
Preferably enclosed and suitable for speeches and video screenings.

Below are some comments from teachers:

“The students enjoyed the talk and were so caught up with the film clips shown! This session gives us the wonderful opportunity to see and enjoy the Old Singapore films that many of us have not seen before. Our students also learned first hand how to appreciate film in ways they do not normally do.”
- Shobana Cheong, Bedok View Seconday School

"Our students enjoyed the Assembly talk - well done."
- Saadiah Wylde, First Toa Payoh Secondary School

To find out more about the Assembly Talks, please drop us an email at info@asianfilmarchive.org
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