19 Feb - 27 Apr 2016 at Level 8, National Library Building.
More info at Celluloid Void 2 - The Lost Films of Southeast Asia

Nurturing a new generation
Outreach @ The Archive
The Asian Film Archive initiates programmes that help develop an understanding and appreciation for the language, art, and industry of the film media. Participants learn to decode moving images and to ask critical questions about its creation and their purpose.

Educators' Workshop
These workshops provide educators with a platform of resources relevant to the teaching and learning of the moving image media in the formal sectors of education.

Film Literacy Seminar
These specialised workshops introduce students to film literacy, heritage and industry.

Assembly Talks: Introduction to Singapore Cinema
This is a 45-minute introductory session on Singapore Cinema that introduces students to the origins, post-war development, decline, and revival of Singapore's film industry.

Cineodeon and the Young Critics Programme
Cineodeon is an annual youth-initiated cinema chain project designed to help students learn how to programme and manage a film screening under the guidance of industry professionals and the Asian Film Archive. Implemented in 2008, the Young Critics programmes is a mentorship with local film critics and academics for aspiring young film writers to develop a film paper. The film papers compete for the "Best Film Paper" award.

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