19 Feb - 27 Apr 2016 at Level 8, National Library Building.
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Nurturing a new generation
Film Literacy Seminar

As visual media saturate our lives, it is vital that students learn to decode images and messages, to ask critical questions about who is creating them and for what purpose. In the 21st Century, the ability to interpret and create media is a form of literacy as basic as reading and writing.

The Film Literacy Seminar answers this call for media literacy through a focus on film literacy. The principal aim of this Seminar is to furnish students with some of the critical viewing skills necessary to master the visual culture of the 21st Century, thus enhancing students’ competitiveness in today’s media saturated world.

This seminar introduces film literacy, film heritage and the film industry to students.

Specialised seminars
The Asian Film Archive also initiates specialized film seminars. Most recently, we conducted the Asian Horror Film Seminar for educators and students interested in scrutinizing and critically exploring ways of reading films through the genre of Asian horror films. Through such seminars participants learn concepts like the narration of suspense and to examine Asian horror films within the social and cultural context they were made in as compared to its western counterparts. Participants are also provided NOKIA N93 handphones and asked to shoot a horror video to demonstrate their understanding.

A Beginner's Session to the Archive's Film Literacy Seminar was held in June 06. Almost a hundred students from 9 educational institutions ranging from secondary schools to polytechnics attended the morning and afternoon sessions. Students were introduced to an approach to reading film through a seminar presentation, screenings of Asian short films and group activities. Below are comments from the students:

"Videos showed were very insightful and discussions of them were very detailed." 
Wu Shiyan, Hwa Chong Institution

"Presentation materials were clear and concise. Pleased with the actual screenings of our local short films!" 
Heikal Shafrudin, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Mass Communications

"The facilitator was clear, friendly and approachable, and content of this seminar is good." 
Aisyah, Woodlands Secondary School

"Information presented in a clear and informative manner. I am happy with all aspects of this session." 
Daniel Wells (teacher), Australian International School, Singapore
"Structured approach and good variety, giving students exposure to different genres and styles." 
Tan Siu Li (teacher), Dunman High School

To find out more about the Film Literacy Seminar, please drop us an email at info@asianfilmarchive.org .
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