Conference Call: 19th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly


19th SEAPAVAA Conference
“Advocate, Connect, Engage”
Asian Film Archive
22 – 28 April, 2015


The theme for the 19th SEAPAVAA Conference is “Advocate, Connect, Engage”, an increasingly important focus amongst archivists. It seeks to address a myriad of issues related to archives’ evolving relationships with their stakeholders, users and the community during the two-day Symposium on 22 and 23 April 2015.

What innovative approaches are there to establish links between archives and their stakeholders in order to develop greater, more meaningful user and audience engagement? Why do we need to do more archival advocacy and how can the capability for advocacy be strengthened? Are outreach and community engagement activities afterthoughts in archives, to be undertaken only when all the rest of the work has been done? How can these activities be integrated into the core archival functions? Should there be a re-evaluation, re-thinking, re-engineering and a shifting of emphasis in the conventional practices of archives?

In an era of promising opportunities offered by digital, web and social media technologies, how can sustainable collaborative partnerships be forged across nations, such as when they come together to facilitate the return of digitally migrated audiovisual archives and share the attendant knowledge within these cultural heritage? What fresh strategies can archivists pursue that will raise awareness and visibility on their work and elevate the profile of archival institutions?

Topics of interest for the Symposium include, but are not limited to:

1. Archival Advocacy
2. Re-purposing of Archives
3. Social Media and Digital Engagement
4. Public Programming In Archives
5. Community Archiving
6. Friends Organisations
7. Digital Repatriation of Archives
8. Sustainability of an Archive
9. Copyright and Organisational Ethics Issues
10. Description and Discovery of Audiovisual Resources
11. Collection Development and Digital Curation
12. Digitisation and Digital Preservation

SEAPAVAA invites submission of contributions from members and interested participants on any of the above topics as per the schedule below.

1. Submit your proposal in English as a MS Word file via e-mail by 16 January 2015.

2. The proposal should include:

-Title of presentation
-Abstract of maximum of 250 words
-Name and Institution (where applicable) of proposer(s)

3. The SEAPAVAA Executive Council will review all submitted proposals and will notify you in writing by 30 January 2015 should your proposal be selected.

4. Slide presentations for the selected proposals and brief bio-data of the Author(s) / Presenter(s) are to be submitted by 16 March 2015.

5. Presenters will have 20 minutes to deliver their presentations in English during the Symposium.

6. The travel expenses, accommodation and subsistence of attending the 19th SEAPAVAA Conference are the full responsibility of the Presenter(s) of accepted proposals. All attendees, including Presenter(s), are required to register and pay the full conference registration fee.

Please contact any of the following persons to submit proposals or for queries on conference matters:

Adrian Wood: adrianjwood@aol.com
Benedict Salazar Olgado (Bono): b.olgado@archonsolutions.net
Irene Lim: Irene_LL_Lim@nlb.gov.sg

SEAPAVAA Secretariat:
Loren Bustos, Acting Administrative Coordinator
lorenbustos.seapavaa@gmail.com ; seapavaasecretariat@gmail.com

The 19th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly is hosted by the Asian Film Archive. Expand your networks, meet and bond with fellow professionals in the archiving field, and experience the definitive warmth and Asian hospitality that the annual conferences of SEAPAVAA are known for.

Look out for the conference registration form on the SEAPAVAA website: www.seapavaa.com

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