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Is there a typically Asian way of telling a story and making a film? Even as Asian auteurs such as Ozu Yasujiro (1903 – 1963) and Satyajit Ray (1921 – 1992) took the lead from Western filmmakers, they also imaginatively recast some of their cinematic ideas into the social, cultural, and historical context that they live and work in.

This session will expose participants to Asian cinema with focus on national film histories and pan-Asian film genres. A brief summary of cinema in China, Japan and India will provide participants with a sense of Asian cinematic traditions. How has cinema become unique to each country through self-representation and documentation of a society in socio-cultural transition and economic and political development?

Films from Asia are also increasingly hybrids of cross-border and cross-cultural influence. This self-awareness of the Asian diaspora has brought about a sense of transnationalism. Participants will also look at how certain genres of films have taken on an Asian consciousness, for example martial arts and horror movies. The speaker will also discourse on how genres been enriched and complicated through ideas of gender, sexuality and class. The session will conclude with a look at a few key scenes in Asian cinema to examine the film styles and creative processes of Asian filmmakers.

Tan Bee Thiam leads and directs the Asian Film Archive as its executive director and is the Secretary-General of the Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association. In 2005, he founded AFA as a non-governmental memory institution with the mission to save, explore and share the art of Asian Cinema. He is curator-producer of the popular DVD anthologies - Asian Film Archive Collection: Singapore Shorts and Royston's Shorts.

At the Nanyang Technological University, he lectures on Asian Film History and has been invited to present his work at well-regarded film conferences such as the NYU Orphan Film Symposium and FIAF Congress. He has also been invited to perform jury work for the international film festivals in Berlin, Locarno and Hawaii.

Most recently, Bee Thiam founded 13 Little Pictures to produce and present innovative feature films by filmmakers who love cinema. His slate of upcoming film projects include Betok by Sherman Ong, In The Absence Of The Sun by Lucky Kuswandi (Winner of Produire Au Sud for Best Film Project, Bangkok), Monte Carlo by Yasmin Ahmad and Night Lights by Daniel Hui.
Date & Time
06 Jun 2009 (Sat)

Price: $15
Esplanade Bay Room

Venue: Esplanade Bay Room

Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance. Infants in arms or children below the age of 16 shall not be admitted. Children above 16 years must purchase ticket for admission.

* No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event!

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