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Opening Film: Chemman Chaalai (The Gravel Road)

A young girl hopes for a better life, one that will remove her from the confines of the estate in which she grew up. Her poverty-stricken family, however, is unable to support her ambitions especially with the wedding of their eldest daughter around the corner.

In the midst of this, the family has to cope with numerous catastrophes - death, attempted suicide and forbidden love - thereby tackling numerous themes that are interwoven within the main story.

Billed as "a Tamil film without singing and dancing", this quiet and assured first feature film marks the arrival of a brave new voice in the Malaysian independent filmmaking scene.
Dir: Deepak Kumaran Menon
2005 / Malaysia / 92 min

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Date/Time: Tues 13 Sept, 8.00 pm

Venue: The Substation Guinness Theatre

Ticket Price: $5 / $4 Concession

Riau & Mak Yong: A Screening and Talk by Zai Kuning

In 1999, Zai Kuning set out to the Riau Archipelago in search of the Orang Laut, a nomadic tribe of seafaring gypsies whose existence remains a mystery even among the Malays in here in Singapore and Indonesia. After completing the documentary Riau in 2003, Zai went on to Mantang Island to film a Mak Yong troupe, which is trying to revive an ancient dance-theatre form that incorporates elements of ritual, stylized dance, acting as well as vocal and instrumental music.

In this presentation, Zai will screen the films Riau and the work in progress Mak Yong. He will also talk about the issues of the revival of folk culture, society's changes for entertainment, academic interferences, the problem of "time-based" documentary film and most importantly, what Riau Archipelago is.
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Date/Time: Wed 14 Sept, 8.00 pm

Venue: The Substation Guinness Theatre

Ticket Price: $5 / $4 Concession
The Rainmaker

In a barren and dry village, three people with their personal dreams, interacts with each other. Johan, a meteorologist who is obsessed in creating rain in that location. Asih, a traditional singer, who with her voice, becomes an oasis to Johan and the people living in that harsh location and Asih's maid who devotes her life to the singer without reservations. In contrast to Johan's approach to life, the maid's is more of an observer. Accepting and living through life with whatever that life offers without questions and expectations.

The Rainmaker is a film of mood and atmospheres that liberates the audience to experience the illusions that a film offers. To "feel" and not just to "watch".
Dir: Ravi Bharwani
2004 / Indonesia / 86 min

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Date/Time: Thurs 15 Sept, 8.00 pm

Venue: The Substation Guinness Theatre

Ticket Price: $5 / $4 Concession
Closing Film (Singapore Premiere): Unarmed Combat

A man signs his wife up for an arm-wrestling competition and then regrets it when she becomes obsessed with winning the competition. One day, a bra belonging to beautiful woman enters his life. Inspired, he decides to end his misery by retaliating against his wife, but his plan backfires terribly...

The first digital feature under the Film Incubator Programme (FIP) from the Singapore Film Commission, Unarmed Combat is an audacious and wildly funny debut feature film by a promising Singapore film talent.
Dir: Han Yew Kwang
2005 / Singapore / 94 min

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Date/Time: Sun 18 Sept, 8.00 pm

Venue: Singapore History Museum

Ticket Price: $5 / $4 Concession
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