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Our Daily Bread

Small Ali

Lala at Tsinelas “Can & Slippers”

Shooting Star Greaseman Amen Soft Night

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Before We Fall In Love Again

Things We Do When We Fall In Love

Love Conquers All


A Tree In Tanjung Malim

  Goodbye to Love Bread Skin with Strawberry Jam
Man In Love It's Possible Your Heart Cannot Be Broken
  Flower Majidee Daughters  

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Our Film
Before Opportunities A Little Plant In the Old House
  Different Degree Volatilize Breeze
To Infinity and Beyond
  Sleeping Beauty
The Same Old Story Happy Berry  

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Eliana Eliana Gie 3 Days to Forever Stories From Our Sunny Homeland
  Acehnese Children's Video Diaries
(Almost) A Mischance

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I Love Malaya
Aki Ra's Boys Passabe Singapore Standard Time
  Seletar Airbase: Singapore's Secret Garden
Match Made F  


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Squatterpunk Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2007 / 79 min
Set in the slums of Manila where law enforcement is rare, Squatterpunk chronicles the punk lifestyles of the youth as they scavenge the garbage beach for a living while still managing to play around. A film that casts a tenderly poetic eye at the squalor of Philippine society.

Awards/Festivals: Grand Jury Prize, Cinemanila International Film Festival; Opening Film, Sonatrope Film Festival; Rotterdam International Film Festival; Singapore International Film Festival; Urban Nomad Film Festival; Hamburg Documentary Film Festival.

Our Daily Bread Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2006 / 5 min
Every night, a family repeats the same actions of collecting, selling and eating garbage. A short documentary on how one family lives out each day to earn their daily bread and how one man’s trash is literally transformed into this family’s treasure.

Awards/Festivals: Kun.Kortfilm International Short Film Festival, Denmark, 2007; 24nd Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence, France.

Small Ali Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2005 / 8 min
Due to his bad crying habit, Small Ali always loses his fight with Mad Cow, the paperweight boxing champ. Fortunately, he saw an ad of Klinika Lakrima which promises to remove tears through a surgical operation.

Awards/Festivals: 29th Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2005; 28th Goteborg International Film Festival, 2005.

Lala at Tsinelas “Can & Slippers” Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2005 / 2 min
A young boy from the Manila slums plays football with a can of Coke as his soccerball and a pair of slippers as his soccer shoes. When he finishes by shooting a goal at a rubbish dump, the camera pans out to show us he has only one leg and is moving around on crutches.

Awards/Festivals: Artistic and Cultural Programme, FIFA World Cup, Germany, 2006; Opening Ceremony, 28th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, 2006; 10th International Tehran Short Film Festival, Iran, 2005; 14th Damascus International Film Festival, Syria, 2005.

Amen Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 1998 / 15 min
"Amen" is a cultural satire on blind obedience, specifically the Filipino tradition of "mano": placing the hand of an elder on one's forehead as a superficial sign of respect. 
Greaseman Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2001 / 13 min
A psychedelic silent-film about the contrapuntal lives of a Greaseman (Third-world Bum) and a Yuppie, intersecting and interchanging, one hazy night. An improvisatory "Prince & Pauper" shot in a day.
Shooting Star Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 3 min
A pianist serenades a shooting star, which seems to be associated with a young lady whose image appears periodically in the short film.
Soft Night Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 3 min
This film is set to piano music and the lines of Soft Night, a poem by Armando Subido, which are presented as subtitles. The visuals consist of images of different women talking towards the camera juxtaposed with images of the natural and man-made environment.
Before We Fall In Love Again James Lee / Malaysia / 2006 / 99 min
The film is about two men and the woman they both love. The woman's unexplained disappearance leads to an uneasy alliance between her husband and lover in their united search for her.

Awards/Festivals: Best ASEAN Film, 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival

Things We Do When We Fall In Love James Lee / Malaysia / 2007 / 93 min
The movie follows two unfortunate lovers who are constantly looking for a solution to their situation. In an effort to escape their problems, they embark on a trip, and come to the realization that it is their deep love for each other that has kept them together.

Awards/Festivals: 20th Singapore International Film Festival

Goodbye to Love James Lee / Malaysia / 2004 / 16 min
An experimental film that depicts a man silently waiting with increasing despair for someone or something that does not appear, alongside tableaux of unfulfilled longing and hopes.

Awards/Festivals: 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam; 18th Singapore International Film Festival; 4th Commonwealth International Film Festival; 51st Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival

Love Conquers All Tan Chui Mui / Malaysia / 2005 / 26 min
Ping has come from Penang in the north to Kuala Lumpur to work with her aunt. There she meets John, a young man, who keeps trying to approach her. Ping feels increasingly attracted to John, although she has a boyfriend in Penang, whom she calls every day. She gets more and more into John’s world, loses herself in her love and does all she can to keep John.

Awards/Festivals: Grand Prize City of Lisbon, 4th Indie Lisboa; Golden Digital Award, 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival; Oikocredit Award, 21st Fribourg International Film Festival; VPRO Tiger Award, 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam; New Currents Award, 11th Pusan International Film; FIPRECSI Award, 11th Pusan International Film Festival

* Note: NC16

A Tree In Tanjung Malim Tan Chui Mui / Malaysia / 2005 / 26 min
A woman on the brink of adulthood has a conversation with a world-weary older man during the course of one night. A fictional autobiography of the director.

Awards/Festivals: Principal Award, 51th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Best Foreign Short Film, Entre Veus Belford, 59th Locarno International Film Festival Competition, 50th Cork International Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival 2005, Curzon Soho Cinema.

Bread Skin and Strawberry Jam Liew Seng Tat / Malaysia / 2003 / 9 min
As the wait for their ride home becomes unbearable, this brother and sister duo truly offers bread skin with strawberry jam a delicious bite!

Awards/Festivals: Gold, Best Short Film Drama (Open), 8th Malaysian Video Awards, 2003, Silver, Best ASEAN Short Film (Below 60min), 8th Malaysian Video Awards, 2003

Not Cool Liew Seng Tat / Malaysia / 2004 / 20 min
With his 80 year old mother in hospital, 20 year old Ah Cool takes over the family business of sewing bras! Meanwhile, 3rd Aunty sizes up a girl that she pressures onto her helpless nephew.

Awards/Festivals: Gold, Best Short Film Drama (Open), 9th Malaysian Video Awards, 2004, Gold, Best ASEAN Short Film, 9th Malaysian Video Awards, 2004

Flowers Liew Seng Tat / Malaysia / 2005 / 20 min
From a passionate lovely young girl to an old wrinkly weak woman, grandma doesn't have much time left to live. There is one thing she wishes to do while she's still alive, which is to experience the happiest moment of her life again.

Awards/Festivals: Silver, Best Short Film Drama (Open), 9th Malaysian Video Awards 2004, Bronze; Best ASEAN Short Film, 9th Malaysian Video Awards 2005; Opening Film, Busan Asian Short Film Festival; 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam

* Note: NC16

Daughters Liew Seng Tat / Malaysia / 2006 / 10 min
The complex emotions and love relationships of two tudong-clad young women are chronicled separately in this film, but they meet by chance with more women like them when they get on the road with motorbikes, and ride as a group.

Awards/Festivals: Commissioned to be an official selection for Meet the Maestro Program, 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam; 53rd Sydney Film Festival.

Man In Love Liew Seng Tat / Malaysia / 2007 / 4 min
An enigmatic man speaks to his lover about their affair, but she doesn't give an answer. In the end, he is only talking to the rain. By that time, the mood is so melancholy that it can't possibly be a joke any more.

Awards/Festivals: In Competition, Tiger Awards for Short Films, 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

It's Possible Your Heart Cannot Be Broken Woo Ming Jin / Malaysia / 2005 / 15 min
In this black comedy about the disintegration of a love affair, a young woman's loneliness in the midst of Kuala Lumpur's metropolitan sprawl triggers a tenuous relationship with a na´ve salesman who has a tendency to please and over-emote

Awards/Festivals: Hong Kong International Film Festival 2006, Singapore International Film Festival 2006, Han Chiang Short Film Festival 2006

Majidee Azharr Rudin / Malaysia / 2005 / 15 min
A one-take wonder as we follow two men in a conversation that's not as innocent as it first seems. The life of working class men in Malaysia.

Awards/Festivals: Best Short Film, Hawaii International Film Festival 2006
Han Chiang Short Film Festival 2006

Our Film Atthasit Somchob / Thailand / 2004 / 22 min
A woman's husband is getting better from malady. She first goes with him to the temple, then later on a holiday to Pattaya.
Before Samart Suwanarat / Thailand / 2006 / 13 min
An experimental short which makes use of many stylistic features to compare nature with machinery.
Opportunities Nitipong Thinthupthai / Thailand / 2006 / 9 min
An experimental short, critiques the 2006 Thaksin elections in Thailand. At the start we hear campaign propaganda about having a bright future if the Thai people vote for Thaksin and his Thai Ruk Thai party. However, after the last Thai Ruk Thai public announcement, life still goes on (a guy eats rice while random messages go on) and moreover, we see images of many homeless people sleeping in a field (while more and more random messages stream in). This is as if to discredit the better life that Thaksin is promising.
A Little Plant In the Old House Sasikan Suwannasuth / Thailand / 2007 / 5 min
A conversation between Fai and Mama about following through with dreams.

Winner of Jameson Award at the Bangkok International Film Festival 2007.

Different Degree Monchai Chatbamrungsuk / Thailand / 2007 / 9 min
The title of this documentary short refers to a song by The Must which plays at the start of the film. DJ Tua lek Pakpimon Permpoon recounts how she met Bird Anuwat (1979-2006), and her relationship with him, before he met with an accident and passed on. At one point she says, "Though in a different degree, someday we will get to the same point.", and the song constantly refers to how they are connected by the sky.
Volatilize Nonthawat Numbenchaphol / Thailand / 2007 / 15 min
Volatilize captures the lives and relationships of occupants in a building. One guy appears lonely initially but is later seen to have a relationship with a girl. On the other hand, another guy who returns home to his girlfriend, does not have her affections and both of them are unsatisfied. The title is perhaps a take on the volatile nature of relationships.
To Infinity and Beyond Sompot Chidgasornpongse / Thailand / 2005 / 11 min
To Infinity and Beyond deals with space travel, and how people are obsessed with facts, but at the same time do not know certain important facts which would fully change what they know. It uses an interesting style of subtitles scrolling across the top of the screen reporting facts to do with space travel, while images of Thai people gathered and looking up at the sky go on below. It is as if they are obsessed with this topic physically appearing overhead, yet cannot come to any definite conclusions, and are content to just keep on pondering.
Breeze Sathit Sattarasart / Thailand / 2006 / 20 min
Breeze is an experimental short which plays with the idea of perception. The first part deals with knowing that a breeze is blowing when sound is cut out due to movement. It then talks of things that we know of not because we are there, but because others have told us, and how different people perceive things. Different thresholds of boredom are also explored, and how some people can be entertained by things others do not take note of.
The Same Old Story Zart Tanchareon / Thailand / 2005 / 30 min
A Same Old Story is a 3 chapter comical look at the life of a Thai book-seller who goes through a daily routine and does not know that life exists futher than his gates until he meets a girl he likes, who tells him ways to improve his appearance and business. Although they do not end up together, his meeting with her causes him to slowly go out of his comfort zone, the ultimate being when he chases after her to the town centre nearby and discovers that other drinks like Beetagen exist besides water. From that day onwards, he is a regular at the drink cart in the town centre.
Sleeping Beauty Chulayarnnon Siriphol / Thailand / 2006 / 40min
Sleeping Beauty refers to the grandmother of the house. Daily household activities are shown, including taking care of the grandma, followed by the night where the household sleeps including her, followed by another day and night. The grandma is clearly well looked after by her family. (M18)
Happy Berry Thunska Pansittivorakul / Thailand / 2004 / 76min
This mainly documentary-like feature revolves around the lives and relationships of the friends who help run Happy Berry boutique on Khoasam Road. It showcases both the less interesting but necessary activities needed to carry out the running of the shop, as well as the behind the scenes. There is much monkeying around, lazing, talk of sex, drugs and male/female genitalia. Fashion and music are also focused on- with a fashion show, two music videos and several karaoke scenes. At one point, Happy Berry also refers to the name of the in-house boutique band formed by three of them for awhile. (M18)
Eliana Eliana Riri Riza / Indonesia / 2002 / 83 min
A favourite at the 21st Vancouver Film Festival, Indonesian director Riri Riza's Eliana, Eliana is a lyrical coming-of-age feature where an estranged mother and daughter finally come to terms with each other against the dizzying backdrop of Jakarta. Winner of Best Young Cinema & NETPAC/FIPRESCI Award, Singapore International Film Festival & Special Mention, Dragon & Tigers Award, Vancouver International Film Festival, 2002.
Gie Riri Riza / Indonesia / 2005 / 147 min
Based on a true character. GIE is a central yet unknown political activist/writer in the 60’s, the darkest era of Indonesian history. His life is a clash between a high drama of political events, and small world of friendship and romance. He is falling apart when he sees that his constant battle for justice and truth gives labor to another dictatorial regime. As time passes the people around him adjust to the new regime, but he continues to fight. His uncompromised idealism drives people away. His friends left him; the woman he loves rejects him. Only the beauty of nature can rescue and free him.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2005 Singapore International Film Festival; Winner, Most Promising Project from Hubert Bals Fund and Pusan Promotion Plan at  Pusan International Film Festival 2002.
3 Days to Forever Riri Riza / Indonesia / 2007 / 110 min
Yusuf, an uptight 21 year-old, is convinced by his 19 year-old wild cousin, Ambar, to escape a family gathering and go clubbing with her. Drunk and wasted, they wake up the next morning to find that they have missed their flight to attend a family wedding in another town. The two cousins decide to drive there in a family car, not knowing that the supposedly one day journey takes them 3 days instead. Along the way they get high and get lost, encounter interesting and bizarre characters, run into an argument about religion, marriage and sex, while trying to defeat the arising sexual tension between them.

Official selection: Singapore International Film Festival 2007, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2007, London Film Festival 2007.

Stories From Our Sunny Homeland Edwin / Indonesia / 2006 / 63 min
This film captures Edwin’s brief but unforgettable encounters with the children of Aceh. From Remon who has an obsession to be a rock star, to Dasmin who simply wants to catch a fish under the emergency bridge. From Gadis who surprisingly knows about guns for a gril her age, to Linda who knos the recipe for fried rice. A documentary about Acehnese children and their high-soaring spirit, and a glimpse into daily life in Aceh after tsunami.
Acehnese Children's Video Diaries Various Filmmakers / Indonesia / 2006 / 104 min
A series of video diaries produced by Acehnese children from two of the towns worst-affected by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, Banda Aceh and Meulaboh.
(Almost) A Mischance Lasja Fauzia / Indonesia / 10 min
A young woman in her 20s repeatedly encounters an attractive young man whenever she commutes by train and a relationship soon takes place. Both of them think that there will always be another opportunity to know each other better, should time and fate permit. But will destiny lend a hand?

Screened at the 2006 Pusan International Film Festival.

I Love Malaya Chan Kah Mei, Ho Choon Hiong, Eunice Lau, Wang Eng Eng, Christopher Len / Singapore / 2006 / 45 min
A documentary about the surviving members of the Malayan Communist Party living in Thailand, who have been waiting to be allowed home to Malaysia, some for over fifty years.
Aki Ra's Boys James Leong and Lynn Lee / Singapore / 2007 / 63 min
Boreak was eight when he lost his right arm in a landmine accident in Cambodia. His parents decided to send him to a home in Siem Reap for young landmine victimes. Despite his tragedy, Boreak is ever optimistic and lacking in self-pity. Through Boreak, we meet Aki Ra, a former Khmer Rouge soldier. Now in his 30s, Aki Ra removes landmines and gives children like Boreak a home.
Passabe James Leong and Lynn Lee / Singapore / 2006 / 55 min
The remote village of Passabe lies on the precarious border between East and West Timor. It is a battle-scarred community with a horrific past. In the run-up to the vote for independence in 1999, Passabe was a base for hundreds of pro-Indonesia militiamen – East Timorese who participated in a rampage of violence that climaxed in a bloody massacre. As families continue to grieve, questions remain unanswered. Who took part in the killings? Who is to blame? Five years on, one man (Alexio Elu) decides to publicly own up to his role in the massacre. It’s an explosive move that not only exposes him to possible prosecution, but also persecution of his own people. Accusations fly, a pact of silence is broken and a community’s soul is laid bare. Shot over the course of a year, this film documents a quest for redemption and forgiveness. It is an intimate look into the lives of ordinary folk struggling to rebuild their lives after an armed conflict, and an exploration into the very universal themes of justice and reconciliation.

Winner of Humanitarian Award for Documentaries, Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2006

Singapore Standard Time Joycelyn Khoo & Serene Ng / Singapore / 2006 / 26 min
This is a documentary that explores the ways speed has taken root in Singaporean culture, Driven by an ethos of efficiency and instant gratification, we have taken speed to unique heights, from setting the world record for the world's fastest SMS text message, to the patented 20-minute facelift.
Seletar Airbase: Singapore's Secret Garden Li Xiuqi / Singapore / 2006 / 12 min
A nostalgia for a simpler, more pastoral life permeates this short documentary. It shows an idyll not known to many in busy Singapore; an island within an island. We see children playing in wide green fields with blues skies and neighbours chatting.
Match Made Mirabelle Ang  / Singapore / 2006 / 48 min
An insightful documentary into the thriving business of Vietnamese mail-order bride services. The camera follows a Singaporean, Ricky, as he travels to Vietnam in search of a suitable bride. We follow Ricky's selection process and wedding ceremony to Nguy.
F Chew Tze Chuan / Singapore / 2006 / 60 min
Singaporean film critic Toh Hai Leong was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. This documentary shows his battle against the chronic disease. At the peak of Toh's struggle, an inevitable truth awaits like a good friend in silence. (NC16)