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Labour of Love - The Housewife | 1974 - 1979 | 16'56 | English

This short film examines the role of the Asian woman within the realm of the home and the family. It features the boundless work that a housewife has to accomplish in a day in order to run a household and to care for her husband and children. The film is an early feminist take on the perception regarding the economic value of the stay-at-home mother and wife, whose contribution to society is often underrated.

Screening History: Bronze Award, 50th American International Film Festival (1979); 4th Singapore Short Cuts (2007); 6th Orphan Film Symposium (New York, United States, 2008)

Rajendra Gour
Rajendra Gour was born in 1940 in Punjab, India. After his graduation from the Film Institute of India, he came to Singapore in 1964 to work as a senior film editor at Radio and Television Singapore (RTS). Gour envisioned making artistic films on his own terms. His first film, Mr. Tender Heart was completed in 1965 and was shown at the Commonwealth Film Festival (London). His subsequent film, Eyes was screened at the Malta International Film Festival and won a bronze medal. Gour is scriptwriter of Aku Mahu Hidup / I Want To Live (1970) directed by M. Amin for the Cathay-Keris Productions. Before retiring, Gour completed his Masters in Mass Communication at Leicester University, United Kingdom. Labour of Love - The Housewife is the last short film he completed. After almost 30 years, he hopes to make films again and has been developing a script about a grandmother with dementia. Currently, he also volunteers his time with the Asian Film Archive and the Swami Home for Elders.

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