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About Cineodeon

Cineodeon is a youth-initiated cinema chain project designed to help students learn how to programme and manage a film screening, under the guidance of industry professionals and the Asian Film Archive.

Cineodeon 2008 will feature a selection of culturally important Singapore films. This showcase of Singapore films will provide younger audiences with the opportunity to appreciate Singapore’s cinematic achievements.

Each participating school can send one or multiple Cineodeon Teams consisting of 5 - 8 students as school representatives and each time will organize one screening in their school during August 2008. A Boot Camp is scheduled for 12 July 2008, to equip the Teams with the necessary skills and resources to run their screening. Teams will meet with their mentors who will guide them through the execution of their plans. Outstanding Teams will then be selected as finalists for the "Best Cineodeon Award" and present their work at the Symposium on Singapore Cinema on 20 September 2008.


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